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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  February 3, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. it'sfrid time for the rpm top ten countdown. [ screaming ] >> fear is in the air when a pilot suddenly realizes -- >> there's a problem. >> the whole propeller is missing. that's a problem. >> see how this dude kept his cool and brought this thing down. a deputy flips out over a phone. >> give me the phone. >> we've got the story behind mr. all hot and bothered.
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>> maybe next year they'll be in the super bowl. >> his 49ers missed the super bowl. now the heartbreak kid reveals who he is rooting for this weekend, and answers the big question. >> whose got it better than us? >> nobody! >> and a hockey player makes a bet he can score. >> i don't -- i'll drink a beer out of one of your hockey skates. >> oh. >> try and keep it together, folks, because it's time for the friday rpm countdown. we're going to begin today's rtm countdown with our number 10 video, and steven has it for us. >> it's what's being called a case of road rage. but you might be surprised at who is the aggressor in this video. >> give me your phone. [ inaudible ] >> give me your phone now! give me the phone! >> what we're seeing is broward county deputy paul fletcher pulling over a 38-year-old woman
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back on may 23rd, 2011 in plantation, florida. paul was off duty and out of uniform. he was in his squad car. >> so is this like a road rage thing where maybe he didn't like the move they pulled on the road? >> according to asore yo he never said what made him so mad. he used an ethnic slur, told her to go back where she came from, put his right elbow in her throat, he grabbed her right arm by the wrist, snatched her cell phone. her cell phone was later found broken in half. police were able to recover the video, the card. as soon as this incident was wrapped up, she called 911. police came to the scene, and there has been an investigation on deputy paul pletcher ever since. this monday of this week, he turned himself in and is now facing charges of burglary, battery, criminal mischief and petty theft and has been suspended without pay. this whole thing almost turned into him being mad about her filming him, which chetekcally has the right to do. >> it's also a little bit telling when an officer is so
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paranoid about retrieving that cell phone. >> how weird. if you pull somebody over and you're not in uniform, first of all, i'm going to think as a woman this guy is a cop impersonator that has maybe stolen a cop car and up to no good. >> her lawyers are saying this is definitely a case of road rage and this is a case of abuse of power. number ten. super cool at number nine. >> this video shows one cool convenience store worker, patel kumar is behind the counter when this guy walks in with a sawed off shotgun, black hoodie and gloves. mr. kumar opens the drawer and says go ahead, take the money. and without saying a word, the gunman fires one round out of the shotgun. >> did it hit the clerk? >> it did not hit mr. kumar and the reason why you can't see much of what is going on, the gun went off so fast, kumar just
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stood there. this is sadly the fourth time this guy has been robbed. he says -- there is no reason to be afraid. whdh in brockton, massachusetts interviewed the clerk. >> you weren't scared, though? >> not really. if i was scared, i would not come in tomorrow. >> this guy laughs this off. like i'm not scared, i'm coming to work tomorrow. >> he also looks like the robber almost dropped the gun after he fired it. you see that? that almost jumped out of his hand. i don't know what that says. i don't know if that says this is maybe his first time robbing a place or he's just inexperienced with a gun. >> not his first time robbing the place, because brockton, massachusetts police believe he's also responsible for a dunkin' donuts robbery in the same neighborhood. this video from whdh in boston, very similar black-hooded sweatshirt. similar gun. it appears to be the same style skeleton-style gloves. in either case, there were no
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injuries reported, luckily. now on this next one, don't blame the dog. they love tasting ducks. and that makes for great video and great rescues at number eight. >> 14-year-old leora is hanging out, playing with her brother's domesticated ducks, and they look out on to the frozen lake and realize -- >> there is a dog on the ice. >> you can see it moving around. >> oh, yeah, there he is. >> oh. >> is he stuck, or is he walking around on the ice? >> he's walking around on the ice. but look at what happens. >> that's terrible. oh, it's only water. >> oh, my god! >> oh, my god. >> and leora immediately turns off the camera and runs to her house to get help. >> we're coming! >> so leora's brother sam and her uncle harry decide they're going to go save the dog on
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their boat. >> which is difficult, because the wake is partially frozen. >> come on! >> you hear them calling out to the dog whose name is hershey. and he belongs to a neighbor. >> come on, hershey. >> they do this for about half an hour, and finally they get to hershey, they load him up on this boat. >> woo! >> and they bring him back to safety. >> oh! >> definitely a happy story. and to tell us more about it, we have leora herself via skype all the way from kansas. mom, are you proud of your daughter for taking such quick action to save hershey? >> oh, yeah. i mean, i'm glad they were there, because if they had not been down there, i mean, dogs -- you know, it wouldn't have made it. >> was the dog okay? afterward? did he need any medical attention? >> actually, no. he was perfectly fine, started running around.
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>> the dog is safe, but i can't say the same for the cars in this next video at number seven. a recent study out of great britain found that women are better parkers than men. and this video proves it. >> i knew it. >> this guy pulls up in his suv, and it looks like he has plenty of room to park, four spots to choose from. and so he pulls in, and keeps going. >> monster truck style. >> he hit two cars, rolls up on one. rolls down on both o them that hehit. and then you think, okay, he's out and start dialing 911 or whatever he's got to do to call and leave -- wait. what do you think he's doing, guys? >> he's going to try to get over that white car. >> he's trying to play monster truck. >> i think he's fleeing the scene. >> bingo, you win beth. >> so this proves that women are better parkers than men how? >> do you think he parked well? >> this is one guy who can't park.
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terrible park job, absolutely. i bet you his wife is even worse. >> oh! >> you know what, steven? >> yeah, beth? >> people are going to be mad at you. >> i'm just kidding. obviously, this guy can't park. >> you know what, we could do our own "right this minute" study based on the videos we have seen. you had that video of the woman in walmart trying to park, right? >> with a broken leg. and she took out 11 cars. >> and how could you forget the lady trying to parallel park a smart car. remember that? >> go to who parks better, men or women? >> dudes. >> women. >> for goodness sake. he's a one-man singing medley machine you've got to hear to believe. >> get out of here. >> this is real! ♪ oh holy night >> hearing is believing. and lose a hockey bet, then drink a beer. >> out of a sweaty, stinky
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hockey skate. >> yep. the story behind the hockey skate beer mug.
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welcome back to the rtm top ten countdown, super bowl weekend, lots of bets going on. just don't do number six. >> when you're in a slump of any kind, sports or just life, sometimes you've got to call yourself out. like today is the day. breaking out of this slump. see jimmy here, he plays for the bruins of the neshl, hockey league. he's pretty good. he scores, usually, every game. but he was in like a drought. in a slump. he said, you know what, next game, scored two goals. bet his teammates, score two. of if i don't, i'll drink a beer out of one of your hockey skates. >> ew. >> didn't score two goals. so jimmy is drinking. >> oh, god. [ laughter ] >> out of a sweaty, stinky hockey skate. >> post game, too. >> oh! >> hockey equipment is notorious for being the stinkiest,
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grossest equipment of all sports. he called himself out, maybe that added motivation. >> it didn't work. >> i know, but you've got to try something to get out of the slump. >> at least he's drinking a beer. at least he didn't make a bet, i'll eat my shorts. >> you know, i'm going to score two goals, it's great. you say it, more likely to achieve it. but next time maybe make the bet, if i don't get it, i'll give you all five bucks. >> at least he did it like ripping off a band-aid, did it as fast as he could. good man, honored his bet. and i bet he scores two goals next game. it's top five time, and at number five, one man, many voices. this guy, he can sing any song he wants, probably ever written, and sound amazing. this is nick patera, he is a singer, and posted this video of his one-man phantom of the opera
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medley. ♪ ♪ we never said love was evergreen ♪ ♪ can it be christine ♪ let your fantasies -- >> get out of here. >> this is real. >> he could essentially release three solo albums with three different voices and people would have no idea it's the same guy. >> he sings adele, someone like you. ♪ someone like you >> lady gaga's edge of glory. ♪ i'm on the edge of glory >> and over the holiday season, he recorded "oh holy night" which became an instant holiday hit. ♪ oh holy night the stars are brightly shining ♪ >> i want to hear phantom of the opera. ♪
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>> that's the hardest part of that song. because it keeps changing keys. it keeps getting higher. >> nick is an animator at pixar. and that is where he is now connecting with us via skype. so probably can't get old, all the attention you're getting from your amazing voice. >> it's overwhelming sometimes. i'm always sort of surprised by it. but never not extremely appreciative of it. >> so what is your vocal range? >> i want to say somewhere between four and a half and five octaves, i think, on a good day. >> are you a singer? where did your talent come from? >> i took vocal lessons when i was younger, it's something i would like pursuing, because i could use a little more help. >> are you continuing to focus on your singing/acting career? >> music and animation are my two passions so i'm kind of trying at the moment to sort of do both. ♪
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this guy is going to try and stand on the keel of that boat without killing himself. >> and he's going to do it in style. >> that's right. in style without killing himself. see if he can do it. >> this is 18-month-old jamie. >> look at him. where do the mad ping-pong skills end up on the [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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we're back with our number four video. watch out ping-pong world. >> i'm about to show you all some mad ping-pong skills. and this unlikely player. this is 18-month-old jamie. >> how can he even walk? >> look at that huge smile on his face. little jamie loves this game. and watch him! he's got some power behind that hit. now, the guy you're seeing in the video, that is jamie's dad. his name is kevin. and kevin is a ping-pong player. and they had jamie playing since he was 6 months old. >> oh, man. >> he's got a lot of padding on for a ping-pong game. >> look at how he has improved.
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look at him. look at some of these -- these are some amazing serves. >> and he's like really patient. you put a kid that is a year-and-a-half old on a table and ask him to sit there and hit these balls, he could be all over the place. >> i think little jamie is making all of the other ping-pong players in the back look bad. we're in our top three in the rtm top ten countdown and at number three, all dressed up and a small place to walk. >> i think the youtube description of this video says it best. eight tons of a carbon fiber yacht, 225 horsepower jet ski, sailing experience, and one crazy guy in a suit. it adds up to alex thompson, attempting the keel walk. this is in the waterway in the uk. a keel is a flat blade that sticks into the water from the bottom of the ship that keeps it upright. he is going to attempt to get on this thing, stand there, and
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take a picture. in order to do that, the yacht has got to -- he did this thing back in 2009, pictures were taken. people said, nah, this is photo shopped. no one could do this. his first attempt doesn't go so well. second attempt gets up there, and -- the waves let him. no good. now imagine the risks here. >> yes. >> the keel itself weighs 4.5 tons. alex described getting knocked by this thing would be like getting crushed by an elephant. the angle of the boat has to be perfect. the speed the yacht is going has to be perfect. >> what -- >> he did this in '09, but this time to prove his doubters wrong, he said i'm going to get this thing on video. >> and he's going to do it in style. >> right. so here you see another attempt. ♪ alex gets up there, fixes his tie, makes sure he looks good, stands there for a photo. proves all his doubters wrong.
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we're almost there. and it all comes down to a cute crying kid and a plane full of people screaming for their lives. so the only question is -- >> whose got it better than us? >> stick around to find out who will land this week's number-one spot when the countdown continues.
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junior is a drifting professional race car driver.
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he got his mustang out, and he's chasing his miniature rival, an rc car version of his car. exact replica. now, only 5,000 of these limited edition rc cars were made. cainen be fillers is giving away five on their facebook page and you can win one of these cars. it appears as though remote control car is drifting. >> it is. vaughan does catch the car in the end. they show us the blooper where he got too close to the rc car and you see it get munched a few times which i thought was the coolest part of this video. >> oh. oh, i like that. we're down to our final two videos in the rtm top ten countdown, and at number two, football and a broken heart.
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remember this video? little 4-year-old johnnie upset that the 49ers weren't headed to the super bowl? >> maybe next year they'll be in the super bowl. >> and we wanted to find out how this attention has affected little johnnie. and his dad, who, if you remember, came to the rescue in this video and brought this video to a happy ending. >> who has got it better than us? >> nobody. >> so right this minute via skype we have little johnnie, and his dad, ryan. welcome to the show. >> hey, thank you very much. >> how have things changed for you since this video went viral? >> johnnie is completely oblivious to his fame. and it's awesome. >> have you gotten any offers from anyone? >> yes. a random fan sent me an e-mail named scott and said he had season tickets and offered me a ticket to any game i wanted. that was way cool. >> i understand that owners of
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the 49ers tweeted out this video and said, you know what, i couldn't have said this any better myself. has he reached out to you at all to say, hey, thanks for putting words in my mouth? >> no, he hasn't. and actually, he was on kmbr talk radio today and i called the radio station because i wanted to thank him. my call didn't get on. >> what would you say to him right now, since you'll be on tv in san francisco? >> i would say thanks for posting the video and introducing us to so many people. thank you for the great season. it was so nice to have a winning niners season and thanks for creating the best fan base in football. because the comments i've gotten from fans has been unbelievable. >> so johnnie, who are you pulling for then this weekend's super bowl? >> the patriots. >> the patriots. >> who has got it better than us? >> nobody! >> that's right. time for our number-one video of the day. and nick has it for us. >> this is a good story.
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imagine you're to odling around the skies in mexico in a cessna, enjoying the sounds and sights of the sky. and suddenly, something doesn't sound quite right. the pilot starts looking around. does this sound different here? a little quieter, maybe? they need to make an emergency landing. but out the window, like you saw, was pretty rugged. finally, one of them spots a road. there's two women in the back seat, a pilot and co pilot up front. >> so what's actually happening to the plane here, do we know? >> there's a problem. and i'll show you in just a second. they start getting close to this road they have spotted. [ screaming ] >> that noise is the excitement of four people landing safely on the roadway. the plane comes to a stop. a car drives by. they get out to see what went wrong with the airplane. >> is there a propeller?
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is part of the propeller missing? >> part? >> the whole -- >> the whole propeller is missing. the whole propeller is missing. that's a problem. >> there is a problem. the entire propeller of this plane flew off. >> you know, i don't work for boeing, but i think that plane needs a propeller. >> all pilots are trained to land a plane safely without power, as they did in this. the engine noise you heard was the engine running, and that was so power could still go to the plane. they land, and you hear the women laugh, but really they're just happy to be alive. >> thank goodness they didn't cause a car accident as they were landing on a road that was in us that's going to do it for the rtm countdown, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. we leave you with one more look at alex thompson doing the keel walk. have an awesome weekend, and we'll see you on monday. -- captions by vitac --
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